Welcome to the Portland, Maine Hash House Harriers!

Hi and welcome to the Original PorMe Hash House Harriers, come over here if you want to make something of it. CAN I GET AN On-On?!?!

The Hash House Harriers are an international drinking club with a r*nning problem. There are over 2,000 groups in 185 countries. Our Kennel (club) meets weekly for non-competitive r*ns through and around our great city. Our r*ns are referred to as a “hash.” They typically start out at a bar and use a hounds vs. hare format in which the group (hounds) chases the leader (the hare) en-route to more beer. You don’t need to be a great r*nner to join us. If you can r*n a mile and pound a beer, you can hang with us!

****Our Calendar is under construction.****

Our next Knightvillain-style A to A hash is THURSDAY, October 26th 2017, 5:30 pm at Foulmouthed Brewing (pack away at 6:30). This one is #69.

Our next weekend Hash is FRIDAY October 21st 2o17 at 7 pm in Portland. This one’s a Halloween pub crawl; wear a costume-in-a-costume and pay your own way.

Our next Hash practice (drinks and r*ns, no trail) is MONDAY October 30th 2017, 5:30 pm near the Back Cove (r*n leaves at 630).


We are thoroughly Mismanaged, but we tend to have at least one Hash every week. We also Hash on the Third Sunday of every month at 2PM year round. From April through October we also Hash on the First Monday of the month at 6PM. Prelube Location TBD. The other Hashes are are on a specific day and time as decided by our brave Hare of that Hash. You should be able to find the info you need on the calendar here or on the Facebook Private page https://www.facebook.com/groups/PorMeH3/

DISCLAIMER: Adults over 21 years of age can join, and each adult is individually responsible for his or her own alcohol consumption and safe transport home.

15 Responses to Welcome to the Portland, Maine Hash House Harriers!

  1. Ben Cate says:

    Comment: by being a commenting commentator, who comments, am I now giving winks and secret handshakes to a more cloistered realm of the PorMeH3?


  2. Shawna Egers says:

    Hi!!! I met a group of hashers on a cruise ship and my friend and I did a hash, So we are no longer virgins, but I am still “Just Shawna”… I have been intrigued to find a hasher group near me to continue just because I had so much fun and the hashers were a blast!!! I am a USM alumni and live an hour from Portland now, so its probably the closest. Please let me know how I can become more involved. I am a nurse and a single mom, but I have some flexibility in there 🙂

  3. Dorsal Sin (Eeeeik eeik) says:

    Hey Just Shawna!Please cum join us whenever you can – the homepage here has our most imminent upcoming events listed on the right of the page. Click one for more details! Alternately, we do have a Facebook presence, if that’s convenient for you. Find the private group “PorME H3” and request to join it.

    -Dorsal Sin (Eeeeik! Eeik!)

  4. Cuma Cuma Cumanda says:

    Flexibility eh?!?! You’ll fit right in… Seriously though cum find us and r*n! Cheers!

  5. ASSCLAP says:

    Hey wankers!

    I am a hasher from PBH3 in palm beach, FL. I am coming to your neck of the woods with a girlfriend from June 4-8. Any hashes/pub crawls going on??!?!?!

    ON ON!! Assclap

  6. Cuma Cuma Cumanda says:

    Probably. Stay in touch here. You’ll see event information posted here. Holler at us closer to your arrival. On-On!

  7. Assclap says:

    Flying in tomorrow!! I’ll try my best to make it to the hash Sunday. Any drinking practice or anyone up for a run before then let me know! See you soon!

  8. Donna Beeson says:

    Hello, we are expats living and hashing in Australia. We will be in Portland next week
    Any Hash?
    On on
    Double D and Dash

  9. Hash Brown says:

    Do you have to register for red dress in advance or just show up? Any details?

    On thanks on

  10. Greenwood says:

    I’m on business

  11. Julian says:

    Could I take your name and number, please?

  12. Hope you showed up. We’re a show up and hash kennel. Except for Prom!

  13. Just Dee says:

    Ok haberdashery help needed! We ran trail with you today and are from NC. Not finding a way to msg u directly. 🙁

  14. Je ne pound pound Francais says:

    Can’t wait for my glow in the dark silipint!!! Thanks Cuuuuummmmm!

  15. Cockpit says:

    Hey I am visiting from Atlanta and see you don’t have a run until Thursday, but I leave Thursday morning. Anybody up for a pickup run and dinner and beer after? or just dinner/drinks? In Old Port. On On! CockpiT. 678-770-1279

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